Khokhlova Daria


Classical Ballet / Corps de ballet

Born in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Ballet Academy (class E. Bobrova) in 2009 and joine the Bolshoi Ballet.

Lauriate of the International Choreoraphic Competition-Festival DANCE OLYMPIA, 2005

Lauriate of the International Ballet Competition World’s Young Ballet, Sochi 2006

Lauriate of the International Ballet Competition in Moscow, 2009

recipient of a Triumph youth grant prize 2010

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  • Bolshoi Ballet


  • Chopiniana (Les Sylphides)
    by M. Fokine 1893
  • Paquita
    by M. Petipa 1848
  • Petrouchka
    by M. Fokine 1911
  • Cipollino
    by G. Mayorov 1974
  • The Red Poppy
    by Mikhail Kurilko 1927