Amenta Daniele


Contemporary dance / Dancer

8 th year Diploma of the National Academy of Dance in Rome in 2002. During training he attended ballet stage with T. Rigano, A. Basile, and studied modern dance and contemporary with A. Bonavita, S. Chance, G. Croteaux.

From 2000 to 2003 took part in performances and productions of the AND working with various choreographers including Adriana Boriello, Patrick King, Hugh Dell\'Ara, Tuccio Rigano.

2000 - collaborates with the Folklore Dance Company Sicily on tour in the United States.
2003 - collaborated with the Dance Company of stable Teatro Bellini in Catania , dance in the operetta \"Merry Widow\" and \"The Land of the bells.\"
2004 - worked as a dancer with the Teatro Massimo of Palermo to produce \"Great Balls New Year.\"
2005 - dancer in the musical force people come to Castellacci and Paolicelli.
Since 2007 - Dancer of the Dance Company of Anna Mastrangelo .
2009 - Dancer of the Historical Society National Dance under the direction of Nino Graziano Luke and Anna Mastrangelo.
2009 - dancer in the opera \"Aida\" at the Lyric Theatre of Cagliari , choreography Pomardi Glory, directed by Mark Carniti.
2009 - Dancer of Janas Dance Company Barbara Piga.
2010 - dancer in the opera \"Aida\", Silvia Pellegrini choreographed, staged in Dublin / Ireland.

Since 2005 she has a busy teaching as a professor of classical and contemporary dance technique in several centers in Rome and the Lazio Region.

In 2003 he started working with the company as a dancer and as an assistant Excursus for teaching contemporary dance technique and dance-community laboratories.

Dance Company in productions of Excursus
The dream factory
Three red flowers
Anxi & Extasis

Collaborations cinema and television
2001 - dancer / actor in fiction for Rai2 \"Cinecittà\", directed by Alberto Magni.
2008 - participates in the National Company of Historical Dances to \"One Summer Morning\" hosted by Veronica Davis.
2009 - appearing as a special part in the movie \"A Christmas Carol\" Checco Zalone.
2010 - participates as set out in the drama special \"The Mattei Affair\" with Massimo Ghini.
2010 - appearing as a special part in the movie \"A Christmas Wedding Planner\" with Massimo Boldi.

Design and costumes
Designs and makes costumes for dance and theater, among other things, collaborating with the \' National Academy of Dance and Company Excursus .

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