Aim Christian Ben


Classical Ballet / Artistic Director / Dancer

Christian and François Ben Aïm both studied visual and
physical theatre, street arts,
circus and dancing.
Independently and from a
very young age they
participated in collective
productions and performed
for different choreographers
and companies in Quebec and
France (Carbone 14, Angelika Oei, Philippe Jamet, Odile
Azagury, Hervé Diasnas…).
Since 1997, they have collaborated to create a work that
combines dance, theatre and circus. Together they have
created more than 10 productions - from a duet to a
piece for 9 dancers. Among their creations: Un homme en
marche /A man on his way, Carcasses, un œil pour deux
/Carcasses, one eye for two , En plein cœur /Dead in the
heart and, most recently, amor fati fati amor, a piece for
6 dancers about the physical experience of joy. Their
choreography requires both committed bodies and
detached emotions. Christian and François Ben Aïm
develop an expressive language that allows ample scope
for the performer to interpret their choreography. The
interplay between dance and text as well as between
dance and music is a touchstone for them.

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