Saeki Chika


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Born in Fukushima Prefecture. Started ballet at age three, in 2001, joined the Tokyo Ballet. Year, \\\\\\\"Swan Lake\\\\\\\" make a debut at. Charming ballerina can dance the role in a wide range of technology firm.

2004 \\\\\\\"Swan Lake\\\\\\\" in the four swans, \\\\\\\"The Nutcracker\\\\\\\" is chosen to Russia. 2005 The \\\\\\\"Spring and Fall\\\\\\\" appeared, followed by \\\\\\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\\\\\" Dancing with the spirit of mischievous nymph in silver. Other \\\\\\\"Don Giovanni\\\\\\\" Variation 1 \\\\\\\"Greek Dance\\\\\\\" Padosetto, \\\\\\\"Symphony in D\\\\\\\" danced. 2006 edition, Marahofu \\\\\\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\\\\\" at the sapphire, the next concert tour 22, \\\\\\\"Don Quixote\\\\\\\" to Cupid, and a special act professional all the 11th World Ballet Festival \\\\\\\"Giselle\\\\\\\" at the Padoyuitto \\\\\\\"Swan Lake\\\\\\\" Padotorowa In Naples, the prospective bride dancing for the first time, showed significant growth. \\\\\\\"Daughter of the Danube,\\\\\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiere. In addition, Béjart choreographed \\\\\\\"The Nutcracker\\\\\\\" Claude / Puchi_Fausuto sister in China (baton) dance the first time. 2007, \\\\\\\"Don Quixote\\\\\\\" for the first time a friend of Kitri danced well, \\\\\\\"Ballet Imperial\\\\\\\" soloist, \\\\\\\"A Midsummer Night\\\\\\\'s Dream\\\\\\\" made of a moth, \\\\\\\"Stepping Stones\\\\\\\", \\\\\\\"Themes and Variations,\\\\\\\" a solo dance for the first time. 2008 \\\\\\\"Rite of Spring,\\\\\\\" the other four young daughters danced, \\\\\\\"Zakabuki\\\\\\\" dancing for the first time you hunt. 2009, edition Marahofu \\\\\\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\\\\\" made of canary, Princess Florina, choreographed by Bejart \\\\\\\"Petrushka,\\\\\\\" a young girl, \\\\\\\"Greek Dance\\\\\\\" for the first time the other pas de deux danced \\\\\\\"Giselle\\\\\\\" for the first time in more classical played a starring act. Makarova version \\\\\\\"Rabayaderu\\\\\\\" Dance Variations of the Kingdom of Shadows Padakushion 2 Tokyo Ballet premiere, followed by \\\\\\\"The Nutcracker\\\\\\\", starring the first time. 10 years, \\\\\\\"La Sylphide\\\\\\\" Pa_Do_Du the first time in \\\\\\\"Sylvia\\\\\\\" premiered in Tokyo Ballet Ondine, Persephone, \\\\\\\"Onegin\\\\\\\" at the premiere of Olga played the Tokyo Ballet. Followed by \\\\\\\"Giselle\\\\\\\" starring \\\\\\\"Petrushka,\\\\\\\" danced with a young daughter.

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