Michelini Chiara

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Chiara Michelini began her modern dance training with Deepti Canfora at the Teatro del Buratto in Milan. She studied drama and dance at various seminars and workshops in Italy. In 2003, she attended several classes on Alwin Nikolais, including a seminar by Simona Bucci and a masterclass by Carolyn Carlson. She works for the Italian companies Abbondanza Bertoni and Artemis Danza, and often performs solos at festivals, for example La Terra Soffice by Rita Petrone at the Carolyn Carlson & Friends gala in Perugia, Italy, in 2004. She also took part in Lecture Démonstration, a structured improvisation led by Carolyn Carlson in the same town. Michelini is performing in the new work Capricci by the Abbondanza Bertoni company, currently on tour in Italy.

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