Ajkun Chiara

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Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

Choreographer, Ballet Mistress, Principal Dancer, Albachiara Lomellini Ajkun was born in Mantova, a historic city in the northern region of Italy, Lombardy, in the prestigious landmark Palazzo Valentini, built in the 18th century and home to her family. Her mother, Daniela, a Dance Professor and University\'s Chancellor and her late father, Demetrio, an Academic Teacher, inspired and supported her throughout her career. Chiara has a sister, Valentine, Professor and PhD researcher at the University of Padua. Chiara lives in New York City with her husband, Artistic Director and Principal Dancer Leonard Ajkun and their two sons, Leonard Wolfrantz Jr. - named after his Father, Mozart and Listz, and Ludwing Léon Alexeij - named after Beethoven, Tolstoj and A. Karenjina ‘s count Vronsky.
Chiara enjoys to travel, to meet new people, to learn about different cultures and is especially interested in history, philosophy, law and scientific innovations. Chiara also likes fashion, horseback riding, movies, diverse cuisines and to spend time with her family and friends around the world.

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