Long Chi

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Chi Long studied dance in Australia, where she performed for several years with the Canberra Dance Theatre. She moved to Montreal in 1990 and joined O Vertigo in 1991. She danced for the company for the following 11 years, participating in the creation of La Chambre blanche, Déluge, La Bête (The Beast Within), En Dedans, La Vie qui bat, and Luna. In 2002, she joined the Compagnie Marie Chouinard, performing in The Rite of Spring, 24 Preludes by Chopin, Le Cri du Monde, Chorale and Body Remix/Goldberg Variations. She left that company in 2006 for a maternity leave. Chi Long returned to O Vertigo in 2008 to dance in the re-creation of La Chambre Blanche, and in Onde de choc (2010).

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