Lourenço Catarina

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Classical Ballet / Coryphee

Place of Birth:
Born in Lisbon. Training in Dance: He began his studies with Williams and Ana Neilma Magericão. Joins the Vocational Training Centre of National Ballet in 1980.
Primary Teachers:
In addition to the teachers and Anna Williams Neilma Magericão studied with Paula Garey, Mme Violette Quenolle and Barbara Gray.
CNB Entry:
In 1985 under the artistic direction of Jorge Armando. In 1989 he was promoted to ballerina Coryphaeus.
Repertory danced on NBC:
He worked with Michel Renault, Lynn Wallis, Patricia Neary, Hans Brenaa, John Auld, George Garcia, Laura Glenn, Eric Volodin, Vladimir Petrunin, Millicent Hodson, among outros.No repertoire danced on NBC highlights interpretations Choreographic Offering of Jose Limon (Slow Solo), Dream A Midsummer Night\'s Jorge Armando (Helen) Preludes Oscar Araiz (Lady in Black).

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