Petter Caroline


Classical Ballet / Dancer

CAROLINE PETTER trained at the Royal Ballet School, London. She was hired by the Malmö Ballet, where she danced a variety of major principal roles, following this Petter danced with Skånes Dansteater. Petters repertoire includes among many Juliet, Odette/Odile in Swanlake, Four Temperaments, Allegro Brilliante and Between Two Waters by Robert North.

Petter joined The Peter Schaufuss Ballet as a founding member, and has danced in all of the performances. She has created the roles of the Mother in TCHAIKOVSKY TRILOGY, Lady Capulet in ROMEO & JULIET, the Mother in THE KING, The Angel of Death in MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, Terpsichore in KERMESSEN IN BRÜGGE – THE THREE GIFTS, The Mother in H.C.ANDERSEN, HRH. Queen Elisabeth II in DIANA – THE PRINCESS and CHARLES THE PRINCE, HARALD and soloist roles in SATISFACTION, THE MAN WHO WISHED FOR A SEAVIEW, MICHAEL – I’M BAD and HAMLET. Petter created the role of Edith Piaf in THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE and the role of Gladys Baker in MARILYN.

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