Lopes Cássia

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Born in Sao Jose do Rio Preto (Brazil), where she received her Balletttausbildung, Cássia Lopes worked since 1993 in Germany (Bremerhaven City Theatre, State Theatre of Hesse Wiesbaden) and Austria (Vienna State Opera, State Theatre Linz). In 2000 she met Jörg Mannes and since that time also a member of his ensemble: first in Bremerhaven, then in Linz and since 2006 in Hanover. She played supporting roles in both man \'ballets, like \"Romeo & Juliet,\" \"Cinderella,\" \"Stabat Matter,\" as well as in works by invited guest choreographers such as Nils Christi\'s \"Inner-Move,\" Mauro Bigonzettis\' Duo By Tre \"and\" Rossini Cards \"Nacho Duatos\" Duende, \"William Forsythe\'s\" Step text \"and Johan Festinger\'s\" Walking Mad \". In the current season we will see in \"Dangerous Liaisons\" and \"Alice in Wonderland\". The \"dancing\" Yearbook 2011 she was nominated by Andrea Kachelrieß (Stuttgarter Nachrichten) for her performance in `solo Jörg Mannes \'Granny\' dancer of the year.

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