Hartland Betsy Brandt

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Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

(Co-artistic and Development Director) has been a choreographer, performer, educator, and administrator with aTrek since 2003. She received her BA in Dance and Political History from Kenyon College, where she performed in works by Balinda Craig-Quijada, Kristina Isabelle, Julie Brodie, and Bebe Miller, performed and choreographed for the American College Dance Festival, and served as president of the Kenyon Danswers Cooperative. Her participation in the past five IMPULSE Festivals enabled her to participate in the creation of new works choreographed by guests artists including Kim Epifano, Lisa Race, and Mathew Janczewski. Prior to her work with aTrek, Betsy worked in arts administration and development for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and Young Audiences of St. Louis, and is currently

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