Sanderson Ashley


Contemporary dance / Dancer / Dancer

A native of the west coast, Ashley Sanderson began her training at Arts Umbrella under the instruction of Artemis Gordon. She was a member of Arts Umbrella Dance Company for seven years working with inspiring choreographers such as Emily Molnar, Joe Laughlin, Lynn Sheppard, Michael Trent, Wen Wei Wang and Grant Strate. She then moved to Toronto to study at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and completed the three year training program in 2004. She performed in works of Sylvain Emard, Danny Grossman, Tedd Robinson, Sharon Moore and Julia Sasso. Since completion, she joined forces with David Kraft and Melissa Lively to create their company Glory House for moveable art who have performed locally and internationally. She also performed at Nathan Phillips Square with Studiofesti. She worked as Karen Kaeja’s rehearsal assistant for her solo work Cold Beneath Me with singer/songwriter Sue Smith.

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