Comestaz Antonin


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Antonin Comestaz, born in 1980 in Paris, France, completed his training at the Ballet School of the Paris Opera and the Hamburg Ballet School. After a season at the Paris Opera in 2001, he received an engagement at the Hamburg Ballet, where he danced choreography by John Neumeier and Marco Goecke. Besides his work as a dancer Antonin Comestaz choreographic works since 2005: with the song \"SHE\" He was a finalist at the 10th International Solo Dance Festival in Stuttgart, it created several dance videos such as \"hand in hand\" for the festival SideBySide and \"Bad News\". He also composed the music for the \"gay science,\" which was presented in the summer of 2006 in Osaka and Tokyo. 2007, he created two short pieces for the Dortmunder Ballet and the Hamburg Ballet. With \"Flesh and Blood\", he recently took on 22 Choreographic Competition in Hannover part. Antonin Comestaz since the 2008/09 season was a member of Dance Theater Munich. Since the season 2011/2012 he has been a member of ballettmainz.

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