Asai Anri


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Start ballet at age 5.

2002, entrance to Rudra Bejare Lausanne, Maurice Bejart, they studied with Carl Michel gas, work study Bejart.

2005, entered the State Ballet School of Berlin, in school performances, \"Giselle\" is picked up by the Miruta. Competition and first place in the school.

In 2006, joined the Junior Ballet of Geneva. Thierry Malandain\'s choreography in performances that fall \"La Mort du Cydge\" solo, \"Boler\" dance, \"flexible and dynamic dance\" was praised.

The choreographer Ken Ossola \"She\'s the one\", choreography Stiji Celis \"The top of my head is not the top of the world\" appeared, and Jozsef Trefeli \"Safety in Number\" for the creation. \"Zona Critica\" 髙 sure to be evaluated in the solo.

In 2009, he joined Ballet NBA team.

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