Barnes Annabel


Classical Ballet / Coryphee

Place of Birth:
has British nationality. Training in Dance Teacher: She began ballet lessons at 3 years of age. At age 11, joined the Brookings School of Dancing. Barbara Fewster was the teacher who urged Annabel to audition for the Royal Ballet School of England, which he joined, and graduated at age 18.
Primary Teachers:
Have you been able to work with masters like Svetlana Beriosova, Galina Samsova, and Nancy Kilgour Mikkail Messerer, while the company did internships with the Royal Ballet and the Birmingham Ballet Company
Prior Professional Experience:
In 1988, he joined the cast of the London City Ballet, where he obtained extensive experience in a large repertoire of classical ballets, doing numerous shows, especially on tour, in Britain and abroad. Later in Sicily, attended a production of Derek Deane, the Sicilian Vespers, the National Ballet of Sicily, which was followed by two years working as a freelancer in London.

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