Ozerskaia Anna

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia 1984. Started to dance at the age of 7. Began to learn contemporary and jazz dance at the Kannon Dance School where she took part in different international projects with choreographers from Europe and the USA.

2000-2009 principal dancer of Kannon Dance Company (St. Petersburg, Russia). 2000 won first prize (contemporary dance) at Young choreographers contest in Burghausen, Germany. 2001 won first prize (jazz dance) at the 3rd Young Choreographers Contest in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2002-2010 contemporary jazz teacher for middle and professional level at Kannon Dance Center.

During the fall of 2009, was an apprentice for one month with KCDC 2. Joined KCDC\'s main company in August

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