Manes Anna


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Anne Manes was born in Pescara in 1986 as a child begins to study ballet and modern dance at the School conducted by Maestro Di Giacinto Annino. He made ​​his debut in the ballet of The Review of Events in a choreography Pescaresi Lara Snake. It is a finalist in the sections of choreographic competitions in Perugia and Rieti. Florence is in the competition were that the Competition Dance & choreography of Sasso Marconi (Bologna) wins the first prize for contemporary solo. In December 2000 he worked in Florence with the contemporary dance group Baldanza, dancing to the Goldoni Theatre in the choreography of B. Baldi and A. Diamonds. Gets a scholarship for further training at the School of Ballet Tuscany, follows the course taken by B. Baer and participated in the Junior Company production of BDT / Opus Ballet, dancing in choreographic creations of F. Monteverde, A. Santin, R. Brocanelli and B. Baldi the debut of the Festivals Company factory in Europe - Florence. Leading roles in productions BdR: stepsister in \"Cinderella\", the mother of Romeo in \"Romeo and Juliet\", choreography leading role in \"Bolero\" by F. Monteverde. It is an established member of Ballet in Rome since 2002.

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