Ishii Anna


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Anna was born in Hiroshima, Japan and studied with the Kazuko Sugihara Ballet Arts. The first major competition Anna won was the YAGP finals in New York in 2003 at age eleven. Anna was placed first in the following competitions in Japan: The Ballet Competition (2007), the NBA Ballet Competition (2009) and the Educational Ballet Competition (2009). In 2008 Anna was a semifinalist in the prestigious Prix de Lausanne in Switzerland. Later that year Anna competed in the YAGP finals in New York where she finished in the Top 12 and was awarded a scholarship to the New Zealand School of Dance. She was also given a scholarship from Hiroshima Scholarhip 2008. While studying in New Zealand Anna competed in the YAGP 2010 where she finished 1st in the Japan semi-final and again finished in the Top 12 in the NYC finals. Anna first danced with the WAB in The Sleeping Beauty and has now joined the company as a full time artist.

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