Preljocaj Angelin


Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

Choreographer and artistic director of Ballet Preljocaj - National Choreographic Centre, Angelin Preljocaj has lived and worked in Aix-en-Provence since 1996. Born in 1957 of Albanian parents immigrated to Paris, he first studied classical ballet and contemporary dance deals with Karin Waehner at the Schola Cantorum. Après un séjour à New York, où il suit les cours de Merce Cunningham (1980) , il entre dans la compagnie de Quentin Rouillier à Caen, puis travaille au Centre National de Danse Contemporaine d\\\'Angers, alors dirigé par Viola Farber. After a trip to New York where he studied with Merce Cunningham (1980), he joined the company of Quentin Rouiller Caen and then worked at the National Center of Contemporary Dance in Angers, then directed by Viola Farber.

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