Turner Andrew

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Andrew Turner was studying history and literature when he opted, in 2001, to enter the contemporary dance program of Concordia University in Montreal. Very soon impassioned by creation and performance, he went on a \"maritime\" tour in 2003 with the Caravan Stage Barge, which took a group of some twenty performance artists down the east coast of the United States and the Mississippi river. Upon his return to Montreal, Andrew Turner danced for choreographers Marie-Julie Asselin, Marie Béland, Milan Gervais, and Pierre-Paul Savoie, among others. He also performed his first two choreographies, Duet for One Plus Digressions (2008) and Now I Got Worry (2010), works that have been presented in Belgium, Canada, France, and the United States. In summer 2011, he joined the team of dancers of Ginette Laurin’s company for her upcoming creation, Khaos.

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