Vidal Andrea Tortosa


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Andrea Tortosa Vidal was born in Alicante (Spain) in 1986. She began classical and flamenco training in her home city. From 1994 to 1999, she continued her classical training at the Dance Conservatoire in Alicante and, from 1999 to 2003, she studied classical and contemporary dance at the Dance Academy “Maria de Avila”. From 2003 to September 2004, she did an internship at the Nederlands Dans Theater II, where she worked with G. Tibbs, H. Twiehaus, G. R. Sansano, L. Blouin, K. Ossola and performed in choreographies by J. Kylian, S. Takeuchi, G. R. Sansano, and H. van Manem. In 2004, she won first prize for contemporary dance in the Castellon’s Competition. From September 2004 to 2008, she performed in the Ballet Basel, under the direction of Richard Wherlock. She joined Aterballetto in August 2008.

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