Moraes Ana Carolina


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Born in San Paulo, Brazil, in 1979, Ana Carolina began her dance
training at the Escola Municipal de Bailados do Estado de Sao Paulo,
and continued her training in Cuba at the Centro Pro- Danza, directed
by Laura et Alicia Alonso. In 1998 she graduated from the Royal
Academy of Dancing of London, and continued her training in the U.S.
and Belgium, where she worked with Joanne Leigthon, Ted Sttofer, Oleg
Sokolov, Hans Tappendorf, Kiko Moreira, Tindaro Silvano…
In 1999 she works at the Balé da Cidade de São Paulo and in 2000 she
settles in Belgium to pursue her career as a dancer. She also teaches classical dance in
Belgium and continues to run workshops as a guest teacher in France and Brazil. She has
collaborated with the Compagnie ELYAMNI since its creation.

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