Alexeev Ivan

Alexeev Ivan

Classical Ballet / Corps de ballet

Born in Voronezh. Graduated with honors from the Voronezh Ballet School (class V. Sychev) in 2005 and joined Voronezh Theater of Opera and Ballet. Since 2011 member of Bolshoi Ballet company.

  • Lauriate of the theatrical award "Season's results", 2005 - 2006
  • Lauriate of the international ballet competition "Young World Ballet", Sochi, 2008
  • Diploma at V Central Federal District Award in the arts, 2008

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  • State Ballet Theatre of Russia
  • Bolshoi Ballet


  • Swan Lake
    by L. Ivanov, M. Petipa 1895
  • Cinderella
    by V. Vasiliev 1991
  • Anyuta
    by V. Vasiliev 1986
  • Don Quixote
    by A. Gorskiy, M. Petipa
  • Carmen Suite
    by A. Alonso 1967
  • The Stone Flower
    by Y. Martynovich 2003
  • Angels of Death
    by O. Ignatyev 2005
  • Juno and Avos
    by O. Ignatyev 2005
  • The Nutcracker
    by L. Ivanov, M. Petipa 1892
  • Esenin and Duncan
    by O. Ignatyev 2005
  • The Stone Flower
    by Y. Martynovich 2003
  • One Thousand and One Nights
    by N. Nazirova