Adsitt Alethea


Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

Alethea Adsitt, Artistic Director of Alethea Adsitt & Company, is a New York-based choreographer, performer, teacher and improviser. In the city, she has danced with Gina Gibney Dance, Katie Workum/Will Rawls, and with Kristin Hapke/TinDance. An alumna from Cornish College of the Arts, she has performed in the works of numerous dance and theater companies from both coasts, most notably Mary Sheldon Scott/Jarrad Powell Performance, KT Neihoff/Lingo Dance Theater, Wade Madsen, Pat Graney, Llory Wilson, Theater Simple, Ace Petersen/House of Dames, Rinde Eckert, Ralph Lemon and in the work of Seattle’s glassbones ensemble, with whom she is a former founding member. Alethea specializes in movement-driven workshops to underserved populations throughout NYC, and will pursue her parallel passion for movement science when she returns to school for a doctorate in Physical Therapy.

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