Vigna Alessandra


Classical Ballet / Dancer

In 1977 she danced Strappi and Catalist-solo by Caterina Sagna. In the same year she helps to create Quartetto by Raffaella Giordano. In the autumn of 1998 Carolyn Carlson invites her to dance in Dall\'Interno, which the Atelier de Paris co-produces with the Théatre de la Ville. The following years she continues to work with Carolyn Carlson at the Biennale in Venice (Parabola, 7 Women 7 Women, Light Bringers, and J.Beuys\'Song). In 2002 she creates and interprets the duo Une Chambre dans le Désert with Yutaka Takei. She receives the Commissione die Nuova Danza at the Biennale in Venice, which she co-produces with the Ballet National in Marseilles. She creates the solo Parler d\'Elle, which is shown in Italy, Switzerland and during the ballet festival June Events 04 in Paris. In 2004 she rejoins Carolyn Carlson for the two events The Connected Curve and Metaphore in 2005 and Inanna. She dances in Water born in 2007.

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