Peskova Alena


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Alena Pešková (born 1976) completed studies at Prague’s Dance Conservatory in 1994 with a graduation program in the Estates Theater that included her own choreography Time in Motion. After one season with the Musical Theater in Karlín she worked at the J. K. Tyl Theater in Plzeň from 1995 to 1999, and since that time she has been a freelance dancer and choreographer. She has completed many tours abroad and continues to collaborate with the J. K. Tyl Theater in Plzeň as well as the Ta Fantastica Theater. She regularly prepares choreographies for operas, festivals, and art openings. In 1998 her presentation titled Schizma premiered in the Divadlo Čas (Time Theater) in Plzeň, and in 2001 her choreography To Clara using music by Robert Schumann was honored in a choreographic review by a prize for the best participant. Her roles at the J. K. Tyl Theater in Plzeň have included Rebecca in Carmina Burana as choreographed by Daniel Záboj, Pamina in The Magic Flute with choreography by Jano Ďurovčík, Caroline in Pushkin choreographed by Robert Balogh, Lisette in Wary in Vain choreographed by Pavel Ďumbala, and Nicole in Libor Vaculík’s Edith.

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