Marriott Alastair


Classical Ballet / Principal

Alastair Marriott was born in 1968 in St Margaret’s at Cliffe, Kent. Although he had become aware of dance through the films of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, the spur to take dance lessons came from the son of a family friend who wanted to learn; Alastair went too. After all-round study at Deal Dance Centre, at 11 he joined The Royal Ballet School, where he studied for the next eight years. He joined the Company in 1988, was promoted to Soloist in 1992 and Principal Character Artist in 2003. He performs a wide range of principal character roles including Von Rothbart, Drosselmeyer, Dr Coppélius, Widow Simone, Kostcheï, High Brahmin and Step-Sister (Cinderella). He has also danced the Prince in Adventures in Motion Pictures\'s Swan Lake.

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