Ogasawara Akira Ryo

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Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. Age 5 and started ballet lessons at the suggestion of ballet teacher. Then, the \\\"Za_Kabuki\\\" deeply impressed by watching. International Ballet School will be participating in the Joint International Ballet Competition in Jackson at the age of 14, inspired by a lot. In 2002, he joined the Tokyo Ballet.
2002, \\\"Za_Kabuki\\\" make a debut at. 2004, 21 in the next concert tour, \\\"Miraculous\\\" China has been picked up her daughter. 2005, \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" servant of Carabosse in the waltz dance soloist. In the National Longitudinal performance \\\"Rite of Spring\\\" Two young men, \\\"Greek Dances\\\" two young men, \\\"Symphony in D\\\" Padotorowa danced for the first time. 2006 edition, Marahofu \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" with us Carabosse in choreographer Bejart in \\\"Petrushka,\\\" four men in the overseas tour following 22 of the \\\"Firebird\\\" dance for the first time the partisans. The \\\"Daughter of the Danube,\\\" which appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiere. In 2007, the \\\"Miraculous\\\" Chinese girl danced for the first time in Japan. 2008, the concert tour \\\"Bugaku\\\" starring for the first time. Bejart choreographed \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" has been picked up Felix the Cat as well, \\\"Giselle\\\" danced for the first time Padoyuitto. 2009, \\\"Swan Lake\\\" for the first time clown, and \\\"Rumi\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiere. Makarova version \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" fakir played six others in the Tokyo premiere ballet, \\\"Nutcracker\\\" by the Moors, a Russian dancing. 10 years The \\\"White Shadow\\\" appeared in the world premiere of \\\"Sylvia\\\" danced the ballet premiered in Tokyo wood nymph. \\\"Zakabuki\\\" Guro played the first time constant, \\\"Onegin\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet Premiere \\\"Petrushka,\\\" the shadow of the man 3, \\\"M\\\" Other danced waltz \\\"La Sylphide\\\" \\\"A Midsummer Night\\\'s Dream,\\\" \\\"Etude,\\\" \\\"Theme and Variations,\\\" \\\"Carmen,\\\" \\\"Spring and Fall,\\\" \\\"Bolero,\\\" \\\"gambling III\\\" \\\"Colors of the season,\\\" \\\"Spring and Fall,\\\" \\\"Seven months 寄Seru Haiku, \\\"\\\" tom tom \\\"etc. appeared.
February 11 \\\"Dancing In The Mirror\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiered in April, \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" played a fakir six, followed by June, \\\"Swan Lake\\\" danced a clown. Mon 7 \\\"White Shadow\\\" appeared in October, \\\"White Suite\\\" Presto, \\\"Rite of Spring\\\" are two young men dancing.

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