Lascombes Agnès


Classical Ballet / Soloist

After studying dance at the Conservatoire of Avignon with Nicole Petracchi, Agnès Lascombes enters, in 1988, the Avignon Opera Ballet where she improves her technique under the guidance of Loipa Aroujo.

In 1991, she is engaged by Roland Petit in the Marseille National Ballet and soon performs different roles of the Petit’s repertoire and dances the role created by Elisabetta Terabust in the ballet "Charlot danse avec nous" with Luigi Bonino.

The following year, Agnès dances "Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut". Over this period, she has been working with, among others, Raymond Franchetti, Violette Vezrdi, Françoise Adret, and David Allen.

As early as 1998, under the direction of Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Agnes Lascombes takes part in various ballets by P.Taylor, M. Delente, R. Wherlock, R. van Dantzig, M.-C. Pietragalla and C. Brumachon.

In 2005, Frederic Flamand become artistic director of the BNM and Agnès takes part to the three pieces of his trilogy : "Silent Collisions", "la Cité radieuse" and "Metapolis II". She also danses in pieces by G. Balanchine, P. Touzeau, D. Dawson, M. Fokine, S. Petronio, M. Kelemenis and J. Lestel. In 2007 she is in the cast of "Herman Schmerman pas de deux" by W. Forsythe.

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