Harper Adriana

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Adriana Harper joined the Royal New Zealand Ballet in 2005. Born in Auckland, Adriana grew up in small town Coromandel and returned to Auckland to continue her ballet training.

She completed her professional training at the New Zealand School of Dance in 2004, graduating with the Todd Corporation Scholarship. She has also been awarded the Royal Academy of Dance Solo Seal.

Since joining the company Adriana has danced Lucy Westenra in Dracula, the short step sister in Cinderella, Kitri in Don Quixote and feature roles in Esquisses, Concerto and A Million Kisses to My Skin - her work in the latter said to flash "a spiralling exuberance that, I suspect, won't be a Southern Hemisphere secret much longer", according to respected US dance critic Allan Ulrich.

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