Schiffer Adam


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Adam Schiffer is a native of Budapest, Hungary where he graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy in 2005. In the following seasons, he performed with the Vienna State Opera, the Slovakian National Opera, and the Columbia Classical Ballet. While at Columbia Classical Ballet, he performed principal roles and was invited to perform as a part of Ballet Builders in New York City by Rick McCullough. In 2007, Mr. Schiffer was awarded the Viktor Fulop Scholarship from the Hungarian Ministry of Culture. And he has participated in summer intensive programs at North Carolina Dance Theatre in Charlotte, North Carolina; Pergine Spettacolo Aperto in Milan, Italy; and the Ballet des Jeunes d’Europe in Marseilles, France. He also has toured in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, France, and in the USA. In spring 2008, Mr. Schiffer performed with Carolina Ballet in Sleeping Beauty.

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