Dembczynski` Adam


Contemporary dance / Dancer

The Polish-born received his training at the Ballet School in Gdansk and entered during the Baltic at the National Opera and Theatre Wybrzeze in Gdansk. From 2003-2004 he was engaged at the Musical Theatre in Lublin, Poland, after which he studied for three years contemporary and classical dance at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt / Main and has performed at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden. In the season 2007/08 Elevenvertrag followed at the State Theatre on Gärtnerplatz in Munich under the direction of Hans Henning Paar. From 2008 -2010 Adam Dembczynski danced at the State Theatre in Innsbruck, where he worked in RING MOTIFS, CARMEN, and DON JUAN DANCE! - Was to see THE SECOND (Directorate Birgit Scherzer) and STORM by Jochen Heckmann. With the 2010/11 season he returned to the ensemble of dance theater munich.

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