Boyle Abigail


Classical Ballet / Dancer

Abigail is a graduate from the International Ballet Academy in Christchurch. She joined the RNZB in 2005.

In 2001 she was the recipient of the Sir John Logan Campbell Award, having won the New Zealand nationals, and received the Royal Academy of Dance scholarship in 2000. One dancer writer described Abigail as having “a perfect mix of control and freedom”.

Her performance in the 2007 Tutus On Tour was described as “technically riveting and emotionally captivating”. In 2007 Abigail also took to the stage both in New Zealand and China as the Fairy Godmother and as a stepsister in Cinderella.

Her turn as Mercedes in Don Quixote has been described as “vampish”,“sensuous and lovely”, and her style as “stylishly sultry dance”. The Press reviewer said her Mercedes had “a seductive hard-edged elegance coupled with superb comic timing”.

She received acclaimed for her role as Tigerlily and the Neverbird in Peter Pan. “The regal Abigail Boyle’s earthy sensuality as Tigerlily was another standout performance,” said The Press. “The Neverbird danced by Abigail Boyle was a perfectly realised standout performance,” wrote The NBR.

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