by John Cranko 1965

Choreography: John Cranko (based on the poem by Alexander Pushkin)

Stage: Reid Anderson and Jane Bourne

Music: Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky (arranged and orchestrated by Kurt-Heinz Stolze)

Scenery and costumes: Jürgen Rose

Lighting: Sholem Dolgoy

World premiere: 13 April 1965, Stuttgart Ballet, Wuerttemburg Staatstheater, Stuttgart

Ballet in three acts, running time: Act 1- 36:00, Act 2- 25:00, Act 3- 26:00

The Royal Ballet

Premiere: 22 November 2001

Set and costume designer: Jürgen Rose (designs from the 1972 Stuttgart Ballet production)

Lighting designer: Steen Bjarke

Staging: Reid Anderson and Jane Bourne

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