A Stranger’s Taste

Choreographer: Siobhan Davies

Composer: Tobias Hume

Music title: The First Part of Ayres (1605) – ‘Harke, harke’ for solo bass viol

Composer: John Cage

Music title: The Unavailable Memory Of (1944); Tossed as it is Untroubled (1943); Prelude for Meditation (1944); And the Earth Shall Bear Again (1942)

Composer: Marais Marais

Music title: Suitte d’un goût étranger, Piéces de Violes, 4e livre (1717) – ‘Sarabande’, ‘La Tartarine’, ‘Le Tourbillon’, for bass viol and harpsichord

Composer: Carl Friedrich Abel

Music title: Two pieces for solo bass viol

Composer: Antoine Forqueray

Music title: Piéces de Viole avec la bass continue (1747) – ‘La Bouron’, vivement et détaché for bass viol and harpsichord

Set designer: David Buckland

Costume designer: Sasha Keir and David Buckland

Lighting designer: Peter Mumford

World premiere: 8 December 1999, The Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London

One act ballet

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