A Midsummer Night's Dream

by George Balanchine 1962

Music: Felix Mendelssohn (Overture and incidental music to Ein Sommernachtstraum, Opp. 21 and 61, 1826, 1842; Overture to Athalie, Op. 74, 1845; Concert overture Die schöne Melusine, Op. 32, 1833; Die erste Walpurgisnacht, Op. 60; Symphony No. 9 for strings [first three of four movements], 1823; Overture to Die Heimkehr aus der Fremde, Op. 89, 1829)

Choreography: George Balanchine

Scenery and lighting: David Hays (assisted by Peter Harvey)

Costumes: Karinska

World premiere: 17 January 1962, New York City Ballet with children from the School of American Ballet, City Center of Music and Drama, New York

Ballet in two acts and six scenes

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