Ivan the Terrible

by Y. Grigorovich 1975

orig. Russ. title "Ivan Grozniy"

Music: S. Prokoffiev

Libretto: Y. Grigorovitch

Choreography: Y. Grigorovitch

Set, costume and lighting design: S. Virsaladze

World premiere: 20 February 1975, Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow

Ballet in two acts, running time: 2 hours 30 min

Kremlin Ballet

Premiere: 17 Oktober 2001, Kremlin palace, Moscow

Ballet in two acts

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  • Artyushkin, Roman
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Grigorovich, Yuri
    Classical Ballet / Choreographer
  • Khmilov, Alexander
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Shaiydulin, Aiydar
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Teplov, Sergey
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Uvarov, Andrei
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Vasileva, Valeria
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Vladimirov, Denis
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Vladimirova, Tatiana
    Classical Ballet / Principal


  • Grigorovich Ballet Company
  • Kremlin Ballet