Virgilio Sieni Danza c/o CANGO

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The art of Virgil Sieni choreography, her works, performances and productions are recognized as one of the most significant research plays gained in the last two decades. The quality of his work lies in the ‘dance as he addressed the contemporary language, as a form of avant-garde, projecting the universe of visual art.
His effort was to take away from a form of dance and entertainment still subject to the laws of representation and of acting by making an adult and also the international choreography and his Italian theatrical staging.
Virgil Sieni opted for contamination, trespassing, always moving somewhere other than the academic setting, alongside other artistic pursuits, drawing a choreography of relationships and inspirations. His research is moving towards a personal language is not an end in itself, is not pure stylistic exercise, but has targeted a process of transformation of matter, technique and content in the form of scaled-down, but extensive in terms of words and meanings. In the work of Siena is evident that the movement and the body to move in search of a language made ​​of thousands of words and phrases, grammar, signs and images: a shape composed of continuous growth figures and conjunctions never concluded and terminated a repertoire.

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