TanzTheater Munchen

Private Company active 8 years, 5 months ago

The dance theater munich, TTM, is under the artistic direction of Hans Henning Paar .

It consists of 20 dancers who will bring their personality and diversity in the artistic work. Learn through the different educational and professional experience and benefit from each other, the artists of international ensembles. In Hans Henning pair mainly on modern and contemporary dance-oriented work in addition to the technical and dancing especially the acting skills are in demand. . The dancer / have the opportunity to go to their versatility and the different facets of her personality to develop a basis for the work of the choreographer’s understanding of dance as an expression of life: whether the dance follows emotional and intellectual paths or with abstract, sensual or narrative means acts. Equally important is the cooperation of the company with internationally renowned choreographers to constantly learn new approaches to the dance, and the development and promotion of their own choreographic potential of the company members who are present in dance workshops work. Due to the special stage area of Gärtnerplatztheater and the immediate vicinity of the dance scene to the audience gives viewers the opportunity to dance in a subtle theatricality to perceive and to experience again.

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