State Street Ballet

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State Street Ballet is a vibrant, innovative professional dance company based in Santa Barbara, California. Known for combining the rigors and timeless beauty of classical technique with updated looks, special effects and digital technology, the company produces original works that captivate today’s diverse audiences.

By melding familiar storylines with exciting dance movement and state-of-the-art sets, production design, and lavish costuming, State Street Ballet gives each tale a modern, passionate and unique twist. This heady mix of movement, music, lighting, scenery and acting is successfully reaching new audiences, introducing dance as mainstream entertainment while honoring classical training, style and tradition.
As a fully professional dance company with outstanding credentials, State Street Ballet attracts dancers from around the world and teams with top-notch choreographers to produce new works that showcase the company’s signature elegant-but-edgy tone.
Well-known choreographers whose works have been performed by State Street Ballet include Peter Pucci and Margo Sappington, as well as legends Agnes de Mille and George Balanchine. Innovative new works draw from a team of choreographers including Founder and Artistic Director Rodney Gustafson, San Francisco choreographer and Emmy Award winner Robert Sund (Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast) and internationally renowned choreographer William Soleau (Carmen).
Founded in 1994 as a nonprofit organization, the group remains dedicated to promoting original dance through public performances and educational outreach programs.The company tours domestically and internationally, boasting a 90% rebooking rate. Original touring productions from State Street Ballet currently include Cinderella, The Nutcracker and The Jungle Book.

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