Sosta Palmizi Association

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Compagnia Sosta Palmizi split in 1990‚ yet it retained part of its heritage by becoming under artistic directors Raffaella Giordano and Giorgio Rossi‚ the Sosta Palmizi Association‚ first based in Turin‚ but since 1995 in Cortona‚ Tuscany.

The Association not only promotes and supports the choreographic work of its two directors‚ but also acts as a reference point in the field of creative contemporary dance. The Association is particularly concerned with the quality of the artistic experience‚ and the training and guidance of new generations of dancers.

Over the years‚ Raffaella Giordano and Giorgio Rossi have brought together in an organic and authentic way many people from different artistic backgrounds‚ developing a stable core of Associated Artists who share a similar historical and artistic perspective. Performers‚ creators and collaborators involved in the productions and supported as they pursue their individual paths‚ who have contributed and continue to contribute to the growth and development of the art of dance in Italy’s cultural scene.
By vocation and inclination‚ Sosta Palmizi has forged an identity as a creative centre for the performing arts‚ a domain for reference and dialogue; a bridging space in the construction of a practicable future path.

2004 saw the start of LAB 52042 at Sosta Palmizi headquarters‚ a project that allows young artists to test their work in progress before a limited audience. From 2004 to 2006‚ Sosta Palmizi formed a partnership with the Junge Hunde network‚ a project financed by the European Union for the promotion‚ mobility and training of emerging artists involved in contemporary European creative arts.

The Association is seriously engaged in training at its headquarters in Cortona‚ where Raffaella Giordano and Giorgio Rossi hold regular advanced and specialised workshops for dancers and actors from all over Italy and abroad‚ offering two annual scholarships for free‚ year−long participation in the seminars. In addition to these activities‚ the Association is responsible for a wider teaching programme‚ both within the province and at a national and international level‚ through the provision of external workshops in collaboration with theatre companies and other organisations‚ as well as performances in schools and universities.

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