RB Dance Company

Частный коллектив последняя активность: 8 лет, 3 месяцев назад

Founded in 1998, after an intense experience of Christian and Cristina Ledra Beans in New York and Paris, created in 1999 for the World Championships in Verona choreography “BICYCLE 2000″ awarded “International Positano Dance Award 2000″.

On December 5, made his official debut with the show “RBR SHOW” at the Greek Theatre in Rome in 2000 and is recognized by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, in December created specifically for the Volkswagen event “SYNCRO” represented the “Motor Show “in Bologna.

In 2002 he was invited by the Olympic Academy of Vicenza for the show “In the Temple of the Two Muses” in honor of Carlo Diano.

In 2003 he created the choreography for Ariston Appliances “SIX ELEMENTS” represented the “Palais du Cinema” in Venice;

The next year presents a new creation for the show “Carmina Burana”; In 2004 she was invited to the convention for the YAMAHA held in Rhodes (Greece). In October is invited to Meda (MI) with the show “CUBIC” in honor Olympic gold Igor Cassina.

Made several tours to the various festivals of Italy and Mexico with the shows “Abyss” (2004) and “OPENSPACE” (2005/06) which has prompted the New Forms debut at the corporate headquarters of Vercelli in July 2005.

In 2006 in co-production with the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania, he was commissioned the show entitled “TWO BLUE” with original music of Maestro Vincenzo Spampinato debut on July 5 in Catania.
In 2006 Christian Beans and Cristina Ledra Ballet perform for the show in Milan “RED PASSION” debuting November 18 at the Fondazione Teatro Coccia in Novara.

In 2007 the agency Scotti Bros. Yards Emerald enter the show “OPENSPACE” the most important Italian theaters proved highly popular with audiences and critics.
On May 5, debuted at the Teatro Piccini in Bari with the new show “STATUARY”, continuing the tour for the entire 2007/08.

On the occasion of the Ambrosian Carnival 2008 held in Piazza Duomo (Milan) RBR is invited STATUARY with extracts of the show, then attend the fashion show Milan Fashion with a choreography by Antonio Marras air representing the spouses of Chagall.
In June Luciana Savignano Christian Beans to create new choreography by putting them in the show “RED PASSION”, debuting on July 30 in Cremona (Midsummer Festival).
On July 30, debuted at RBR T. Romano in Verona with the performance of prose “Pericles, Prince of Tyre” starring Daniele Pecci, directed by Paul Valerio, choreography Christian Beans and Cristina Ledra, Antonio Di Pofi music.

In 2009 he made his debut with the new show “SHOWSYSTEM” at the Teatro Nuovo in Verona, while the show “STATUARY” continues the tour in Italy and abroad. Always extracts “STATUARY” February 19 participates in the Fair “BIT” for the Veneto Region, Feb. 21 event at the Ballo del Doge Palazzo Pisani Moretta (VE).

On the occasion of the tenth year of operation, RBR has proposed for the 2010 season the show titled “4″ on a journey through the 4 elements touching among others T. New (VR), T. Petruzzelli (BA) T. Colosseum (TO), Politeama Genoa (GE) and April 9 is invited by the ABEO T. Philharmonic of Verona (VR). In the summer of 2010 RBR has DANCECOMPANY throughout Italy with WIN WIN TOUR August 31 and is contacted for the event “Oscar of the Opera” at the Arena of Verona. He is currently working on a new production titled “varietas delectatio”, directed by Antonio Giarola which will debut October 9, 2010 to T. Salieri Legnago.

Take part in some television programs including “Night Fairy Tale” by Rai Uno (2001) and performed live on Rai Tre for the presentation of ‘”88 ° Tour of Italy” with some choreography in the show “BICYCLE 2000″ (2005 ).

He received many awards: the “Positano Leonide Massine Prize” awarded by Alberto Testa (2000), “… Naples is Dance Award” (2001), the “Italian Choreography Award” in Salerno Dance Festival (2000), “Hesperia Award” (2003 ) Dancing on the Sea Prize (2007) International Award for Culture King Manfred (2010). In the summer of 2010 RBR has DANCECOMPANY throughout Italy with WIN WIN TOUR August 31 and is contacted for the event “Oscar of the Opera” at the Arena of Verona. On October 9, debuted at T. Salieri Legnago with the new record called “varietas delectatio” homage to Antonio Salieri, a show commissioned by the Opera Festival, directed by Antonio Salieri Giarola choreography Christian Beans and Cristina Ledra.

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