Hannover Ballett

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The Ballet of the Hanover State Opera productions with six stops on the main stage and another ready in Ballhof a versatile game plan for you.

La Piaf embodied the French song like no other and was a legend. The little lady with the big voice of the renowned Italian choreographer Mauro devoted Bigonzetti be commissioned for the Ballet of the Staatsoper Hannover, which was premiered in May 2011.

Alice follows the white rabbit with a pocket watch to his lair, she dashed into the depths, and begins a crazy adventure. Strange animals, grotesque figures and confusing events arouse the curiosity of the girl and make her fearlessness to the test. Jörg Mannes created from the known substance is a wonderland to behold and laughter for the young and adults.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King to come back. In the version of the ballet classics Jörg Mannes excited by the third season, children and adults with strong images, pacing, suspense, humor and fantasy.

Tango stands for passion and longing. Under the guidance of a Dutch, one Austrian and one Canadian choreographers with Chinese roots presents Jörg Mannes’ international ensemble’s versatility and temperament in Five Tangos by Hans van Manen, Batucada Kinsun of Chan and Strictly Tango by Jörg Mannes.

Dangerous Liaisons fascinate with their intrigue and delight in their pleasure at the game of power and emotions. Jörg Mannes’ handling of the famous epistolary novel of the 18th Century since its premiere in 2010, a crowd puller.

Madame Bovary is one of the great figures of world literature. Their dreams to the ambitious young woman far above, but the petty-bourgeois conditions allow them to fail. Jörg Mannes makes wishes and hopes to drive into the center of his ballet, determine our goals, our lives.

Stress – a cross-generational phenomenon – is the theme of a dance theater project by soloists from the Ballet of the Staatsoper with students from Hanover under the direction of choreographer Mathias Brühlmann.

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