Fabula Saltica

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The “Città di Rovigo” Ballet Association was established in 1986 thanks to the efforts of Claudio Ronda, Giuseppina Russo and Leila Troletti, dancers with a solid technical founding and from different artistic experiences. From its outset, the Association flanked the production and distribution of ballet performances creating its own dance company called “ Estballetto ” made up of young dancers. In November 1990, the “Teatro Sociale” in Rovigo decided to produce a new performance by the Estballetto Company which was included in the Theatre’s Traditional Opera Season. The Company chose to perform “La Mascherata”, entrusting art direction to Gheorghe Iancu, with music by Boccherini, inspired by a libretto for music by Carlo Goldoni. The success of the performance (in which Iancu took the leading role) was applauded by audiences and critics alike in some of the most important Italian theatres and strengthened the tie between the Association and the Teatro Sociale. The Company changed its name to “Fabula Saltica” and assigned Gheorghe Iancu as art director from 1990 to 1996. In 1996 the “Città di Rovigo” Dance Association was officially recognised by the Presidency of the Department for Entertainment.

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