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The company was founded in 1976 as Danzaricerca laboratory investigation and research choreographic dimension within which the language evolves Capacci Daniela, whose unique creations and his poetic choreography, the imprint is always crisp and brand recognition the company.
The entire artistic life leads through the use of the expansion of the body in expressive forms in continuous evolution, extending our gaze to other codes of expression. It strays beyond the dance, incorporating the contamination of other languages: gesture, speech, the grimace, the acoustic sound and the championship, the real image and virtual multimedia.

Danzaricerca’s work has always been projected into a dialectical confrontation with the most advanced and innovative international expressions.

“… Daniela Capacci has its own personal language that the germ of a movement not yet evocative gesture but evocative image, in the body of the dancer becomes a sensation, felt form ….” Anne Piccioli.

Danzaricerca, “… has established itself as the vanguard of Italian choreographic research.” (From The Republic, Albert Head Review).

Many of the dancers from the experience of this company have drawn the preparation and the energy needed to crown with success their rightful inclusion in prestigious international companies and in some cases to venture into, first, the choreographic creation in the world.
A great number of artists who have collaborated with the company: composers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, actors, set designers, costume designers, multimedia artists and performers with whom Danzaricerca has created numerous synergies.

It is evident that the spirit of research and testing throughout the course content, and resulted both in artistic expression through the production, either through a job promotion, dissemination and cultural engagement in training and teaching of dance.

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