Batsheva Dance Company

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Batsheva Dance Company has been critically acclaimed and popularly embraced as one of the most exciting contemporary dance companies in the world. Together with its junior Batsheva Ensemble, the organization boasts a roster of 40 dancers drawn from Israel and abroad. Touring Extensively Throughout the country and Internationally, the Two Companies present 250 performances annually. Ohad Naharin Assumed the role of Artistic Director in 1990 and propelled the Company Into a new era with His adventurous Curatorial vision, Distinctive Choreographic voice, language and Revolutionary Movement, Gaga . Sharon Eyal was appointed House Choreographer in 2005, and Adi Salant joined the artistic leadership as Associate Artistic Director in September 2009. In Its current Repertory Focusing on works by Naharin and Eyal, Batsheva Dance Company has won Praise for fearless, full-Bodied, Movingly Honest performances. Through daily training in Gaga, Batsheva’s new research Dancers and Movement Possibilities Awaken Their dynamic sensitivity. They bring an eager curiosity and ripe imagination to rehearsals, where they participate actively in the creative process. Company members are Also Encouraged to express Their unique Talents by creating for the Annual Batsheva Dancers Create project. Many of the main Company’s Dancers Honed Their Skills as members of Batsheva Ensemble, which property cultivates Dancers from ages 18-24 and Carries out the agenda of Educational Batsheva. In addition to performing for young audiences around the country, the Ensemble holds open rehearsals, Gaga classes, and repertory workshops for dance schools. Batsheva Ensemble Also Engages in Outreach Activities, Performing for Underserved Populations Throughout Israel.

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