Balletto dell’Esperia

Private Company active 8 years, 3 months ago

Balletto dell’Esperia is an Italian contemporary dance company born in 1999. Nowdays is composed by seven soloist dancers from several nationalities, it is directed by the choreographer Paolo Mohovich and has his headquarter in Turin.

The Company’s repertory follows essentially three lines: Paolo Mohovich’s coreographies, the exclusives piéces for the company of young european and italian choreographers already famous abroad and in our country such as Laura Corradi, Hervé Costa, Inma Rubio, Eugenio Scigliano, and at the end the inclusion of some significant piéces of the contemporary choreography, such as “Steptext”, one of the masterpieces of William Forsythe and “La mort du cygne” di Thierry Malandain.

The Balletto dell’Esperia, today at its tenth season, is an important international reality: it has been invited to some prestigious festivals and reviews in Italy, Spain, French, Cipro, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Chile, United States, where it received everywhere great consents from the public and the critics.

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