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The “Ballet of the South” was founded in 1995 founded and directed by Italian choreographer Fredy Franzutti, host of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the work of Rome, the work of Sophia, the work of Monte Carlo and Bilbao, the festivals of ‘international opera and ballet, and numerous television RAI Uno events like the choreography of “New Year’s Concert 2004″ Live from the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.
Recognized by Ministry of Heritage and Culture in ’99, Ballet South, now one of the most popular dance companies in Italy, has a staff of 16 highly technical solo able to alternate in the leading roles.
In its activities, the company has been enriched with a repertoire of twenty-eight productions including major titles in the classical tradition (Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, Sheherazade, The Firebird, Carmen) choreographed by Fredy Franzutti and enriched by the participation of numerous guests etoile as Carla Fracci, Lindsay Kemp, Alessandro Molin, Xiomara Reyes.

The shows are represented in the most prestigious dance programs in Europe. The tour in the country include many important theaters and festivals (The Versiliana The Vittoriale of Gardone, Spoleto, Vignale, Todi, Bologna, etc..) For a total of about 80 shows each year.
The company has also participated in numerous productions of opera, we might remember that at the invitation of Pier Luigi Pizzi, the ROF of Pesaro and the Lyric Theatre of Cagliari, Flavio Trevisan at the Teatro Bellini in Catania and in Switzerland, Katia Ricciarelli in Lecce, Pier Francesco Maestrini at the Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia, in Spain and Russia, by Beppe De Tomasi in Monte Carlo. The Southern Ballet performs the dances of the opera season at the Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce since 1998 (now at the invitation of Philip Zigante) since 1997 and produces an output of ballet in the symphonic orchestra of the Foundation “Tito Schipa” in Lecce.
The critic Vittoria Ottolenghi Ballet invites the South to many international marathons organized by her dance like that of the Mittlefest Cividale music by Luciano Berio.
Among the TV shows that have seen leading the company include: (a rai) “Festival of the Italian Republic”, “A Voice of Padre Pio”, “New Year’s Concert” (Rai Due) “Wonders of Summer,” “They … Gulf “,” The Circle of Life “,” Zeus Award “.

In 2006, the Southern Ballet has been invited by the Italian ambassador to Vietnam for a tournament in theaters in Hanoi and Ho Minh City there.

The activities of the Ballet of the South is enriched by collaborations with orchestras, composers, musicians and directors (Lorin Maazel, Böning Ricard, Francesco Libetta, Giuliano Carella, Martin Karl) designers (Francecso Palma, Alfredo Troisi, Ferruccio Villagrossi) costume designers, actors and conductors who have contributed to the success recognized by critics and audiences.

Among the events and openings include those made for the Memmo Foundation – the Roman Theatre of Lecce – and those for Victory Hats – Porta Galliera and the Steps of the Pincio of Bologna, the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the Basilica of San Giovanni Rotondo, etc. ) There are numerous co-productions with public – the Puglia Region, the Province of Lecce and the town of Lecce and the projects include an annual basis as “The Theatre School” education project reached the stage IVa issue that involves every year 3,000 students and “Journey Dance”, a summer circuit of shows in the Salento territory.

Fredy Franzutti again host in 2007, the Rome Opera House for the choreography of Aida at the Baths of Caracalla and the two-act ballet “La Sonnambula” with music by F. Herold.

Titles in his repertoire, and year of production: “In the shadow of Olives” (1994), “Delirio: Humor from the opera” (1995), “Chansons Satie” (1997), “Between Friezes of Fruit” (1997), “The Nutcracker “(1997),” Tango: Anxious expectations “(1998),” Romeo and Juliet “(1998),” Myths on stage “(1999),” Leonardo Project “(1999),” Swan Lake “(1999 ), “Homage to Tchaikovsky” (1999), “Tides” (2000), “Sleeping Beauty” (2000), “The Navigation of Green” (2001), “Strauss und Strauss” (2002), “Francesca da Rimini “(2002),” Mozart miracle of Europe “(2003)” Scheherazade “(2003),” EdipoRe “(2003),” Rhapsody in Blue “(2005), Carmina Burana (2006),” Italian Capriccio “( 2006), “The Firebird” (2007), “Chopiniana” (2007), “La Traviata” (2007), “Eleonora Duse” (2008), Carmen (2008).

Dances and dance music for operas, and Theatre Royal: “The Pearl Fishers” Directed by Pier Francesco Maestrini, Opera (ABAO) Bilbao (Spain) – “Andrea Chenier” directed by Beppe de Tomasi, Theatre “Politeama Greek, “Lecce – 2004 season -” The Magic Flute “directed by Vincent Travaglini Chrysostom – Theatre” Politeama Greek “, Lecce -” The Turkish in Italy “, directed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, Theatre” Politeama Greek “, Lecce -” Viva my mother, “directed by Beppe de Tomasi, Opera, Monte Carlo (Monaco) -” Aida “directed by Massimo Gasparon – Theatre” Politeama Greek “, Lecce – 2004 season -” The Pearl Fishers “, directed by Pier Francesco Maestrini, Ater, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza and Ferrara, “Il Viaggio a Reims” directed by Beppe de Tomasi, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce, “Il Trovatore”, directed by Pier Francesco Maestrini, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce, “Adriana Lecouvreur” directed by Flavio Trevisan, Massimo Theatre “V. Bellini” of Catania – “The conveniences and inconveniences drama” directed by Mauro Avogadro, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce – “Attila” directed by Pier Francesco Maestrini, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce – “Euryanthe” directed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, Cagliari Opera Theatre – “The Force of Destiny” directed by Pier Francesco Maestrini, Bolscjoi Theatre in Moscow (Russia) – “The Marriage of Thetis and Peleus” directed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro – ” Rigoletto “directed by Pier Francesco Maestrini, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce -” Carmen “directed by Flavio Trevisan, Festival Opera of Bellinzona (Switzerland) – Carmen directed by Frank Wan Lacke, Pavillao Atlantic Lisbon (Portugal), Olympia Hall in Monaco Munich (Germany) – “The Elixir of Love” directed by Flavio Trevisan, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce – “The Two Foscari,” directed by Luke Fusco, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce – “La Traviata” directed by Flavio Trevisan, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce – “Adriana Lecouvreur” directed by Flavio Trevisan, Greek Theatre Politeama Lecce.

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