Balleto Di Roma

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The Balletto Di Roma was formed in 1960 thanks to an artistic collaboration between two icons of Italian dance; Franca Bartolomei, prima ballerina and choreographer at major opera houses in Italy and abroad, and Walter Zappolini Director of the School of Dance at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome from 1973 to 1988. This project has resulted in the creation and production of over one hundred ballets both in Italy and overseas. These include both historical and contemporary pieces created by Italian and international choreographers. During the fifty years it has been in existance the Balletto Di Roma led today by Walter Zappolini has seen a succession of prestigious collaborations and many creative souls, but undoubtedly its artistic profile today is due to the prestigious Balletto di Toscana, and its collaborations from 2001 to 2007 with Cristina Bozzolini. New and original choreography designed by Italian artists already established in the contemporary dance scene marked the beginning of this renewed artistic journey from the theatrical season 2001/2002. In recent years the number of productions has grown and the body of works staged during the season have include “Don Quixote” by Milena Zullo, “Cinderella” by Fabrizio Monteverde, two re-stagings of the famous “Romeo and Juliet of Monteverde” which was created for the Balletto di Toscana, “The Nutcracker” by Mario Piazza and collaborations with prestigious guest artists such as Andre de la Roche, Raffaele Paganini and Monica Perego. Notably during these seasons of intense activity the Balletto di Roma has received over 400,000 visitors. Due to such high demand for their performances in the 2011 the Balletto di Roma will present its entire repertoire, enriched with new productions of “Othello” choreographed by Fabrizio Monteverde “Contemporary Tango” choreographed by Milena Zullo, “Death and the Maiden” choreographed by Paolo Santilli, “The Arena Love” and a new production of “Bolero, Serata d’Autore” choreographed by Fabrizio Monteverde. To celebrate its first fifty years the Balletto di Roma moves more and more every year towards a future of tradition, vocation, history and timeless expression confirming its position as the proven leader of Italian dance.

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