Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company

Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company was founded in 1997. In 2008, the Company was given the status of professional dance theatre.
At the core of the Company are its creative director, choreographer, teacher and dancer Vytis Jankauskas and the Company’s manager, dancer and teacher Giedrė Kirkilytė-Jankauskienė. Performances of the Company include Company members and various guest performers. The Company collaborated with such renowned Lithuanian dancers and choreographers as A.Katinas, L.Juodkaitė, G.Laurinavičiūtė, G.Subotinaitė, P.Lisauskas, J.Deineko and other.
Performances of Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company aren’t limited to Lithuanian audiences. The Company performed in contemporary dance festivals in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Sweden, Germany and Egypt. In 2002, Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company represented Lithuanian dance in the international contemporary dance festival Global Dance 2002 which took place in Dusseldorf, Germany. There Company performed its piece Songs of Medieval Fellow.
Several past years are the years of creative maturity of both the choreographer and the Company crowned by two Golden Stage Cross awards: dance performance The Drowned Valley was awarded for the best choreography of 2003–2004, and another highest award for theatre excellence went to Vytis Jankauskas as the best choreographer for his work Vigil, 2008–2009.

Best known performances by Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company

2008 – Vigil
2007 – Message
2005 – Imprints
2003 – Drowned Valley
2002 – To Bury the Rainbow
2001 – Renunciation
2000 – Songs of Medieval Fellow
1998 – Drops to the Well

Activities of Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company aren’t limited to creative artistic work. The Company collaborates with other non-governmental organizations, initiates and implements various educational dance projects both in Lithuania and abroad. In 1995, the Company opened a dance studio where contemporary dance classes are taught by Vytis Jankauskas, Giedrė Kirkilytė and other teachers.

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